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54, Goal Bagh, Opp. Railway Station, Amritsar - INDIA

HimTourist Service

  • Taxi Operator
  • Amritsar, Punjab

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54, Goal Bagh, Opp. Railway Station, Amritsar - INDIA

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Him Tourist Service is a superlative Tour Operator in India offering India holiday's packages and especially in Amritsar packages. We have bagged a most covetous position in the Indian Travel and Tourism Industry by attaining the most preferred position in the heart of travelers when it comes to India tour packages. Complemented by carefully selected tour itineraries, friendly and educated guides prompt transportation facilities and comprehensive insight to India, Him Tourist Service succeeds in gratifying each and every tourist that avails our tours to India. With our complete travel solutions, all the general and specific requirements of the tourists are met. Whether you are an international travelers seeking to explore India or a domestic traveler looking for India vacations, we understand your perspective and deliver you the right travel services.

We believe in realizing the dreams of our customers. When an international tourist seeks a trip to India, he / she has some specific image of India. The person wants to witness the fascinating stories he / she has heard about India. Moreover, this is the reason he / she chooses to visit India. If the travel to India does not fulfill his/her expectations, the tourist leaves disheartened Him Tourist Service. As an India Travel Guide and travel agents in India, make sure that the true picture of India is presented to all the tourists and make their tour to India an experience that they do not forget for the rest of their life.

MOTTO : Provide a good and best service to our customer is prime motto of Him Tourist Service.

Vision : we believe in the traditional Indian wording ATITHI DEVO BHAVAH - 'THE GUEST IS GOD' is Indian tourism's version of the customer satisfaction slogan, 'CUSTOMER IS KING'. This healthy tradition of Indian Hospitality is still in vogue in India. It attracts millions of tourist every year. Taking advantage of this Tourism Department of India has started campaign of Atithi devo bhavah under the theme The Incredible India.

Tours of India : We have been operating a variety of activity-based tours for our Groups and Individual tourists and have been able to mastermind them with great deal of efficiency.

The company specializes in inbound tours and offers a host of tourism related services to inbound tourists in the India especially in Amritsar, Himachal Jammu & Kashmir.

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Established Year Not Available
Services Taxi Operator
Deals In B2C, Group Tour
Offered Tour Package Not Offered
Provides Taxi Service Amritsar
Primary Contact No 9888837307
Primary Email Id info@himtouristservice.com
Alternate Contact No 9417365245
Alternate Email Id Not Available
Certification Not Available
Member From : Sep 02, 2020

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